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Deluxe Fish Cleaning Camp Table With Flexible Faucet

This deluxe fish cleaning camp table is perfect for your outdoor toolkit. The table is made from durable plastic for added stability and a smooth operability. The adjustable faucet means you can adjust the level of pressure on your fish withoutothe.

Cheap Deluxe Fish Cleaning Camp Table With Flexible Faucet

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Deluxe Fish Cleaning Camp Table With Flexible Faucet Ebay

This deluxe fish cleaning camp table with flexible faucet is made of lightweight materials and can be easily moved around your fish tanks. The table has a flexible faucet that is able to fit both 50in. L x 25 12in. W x. And 25in. L x 12in. With a flexible faucet that is adjustable to fit any faucet type, this table makes cleaning your fish easy and efficient. The camp table is also portable, so you can take it where ever you go, without having to carry around the weight of your old camp table. With a flexible faucet that is adjustable to fit different types of fish, this table is perfect for anyone who wants to clean their fish in a variety of conditions. The table is also portable so it can be used anywhere. It is paperback-able with a flexible faucet that is perfect for holding or moveing with your fish. It has a small crowd of 2-1/2 inches by 0-1/2 inches for your fish to see. This camp table is also portable with a carrying case.